Program and Services

  1. Welfare Services/Assistance – POLO HK provides basic welfare services such as counselling/advise, medical and hospital assistance/visitation, representation and onsite visitation, provision of temporary shelter, and repatriation assistance.
  2. Case Management – The POLO handles/acts on request for assistance/complaints against employment placement agencies, and complaints arising from employer-employee relationship.
  3. Verification of employment documents – ensures that all the employment rights, benefits and welfare of Filipino migrant workers at the worksite are duly protected.  It shall also ensure that the employment contracts of the Filipino migrant workers are consistent with the prevailing employment laws, standards and practices in the Philippines and Hong Kong, and that the documentary requirements for overseas employment as required by the POEA are observed.

    • Process Flow on Verification of Employment Contracts – Agency Filed 
    • Process Flow on Verification of Employment Contracts – Individually Filed
    • Frequently Asked Questions on Verification of Contract Renewal/Transfer
    • Frequently Asked Questions on Verification of Name/Direct Hire Workers
  4. Accreditation/Renewal of Foreign Placement Agency (FPA).   Refers to the grant of authority to private sector to participate in the recruitment of Filipino workers for overseas employment in accordance with the Rules and Regulations and any subsequent guidelines that may be issued by the POEA and its Governing Board.

  5. Issuance of Overseas Employment Certificates (OECs) for Workers-on-Leave/Balik Manggagawa (BM)    Balik Mangagawa or vacationing workers are exempted from OEC pursuant to POEA Memorandum Circular 06 series of 2016.  However,  OFWs need to register first in the system before they can avail of the said exemption. POLO HK issues OEC to Workers-on-Leave or Balik Manggagawa before leaving  Hong Kong.    Employment Certificates (OECs) serve as exit clearance and as exemption from payment of travel tax and airport terminal fee.

  6. Issuance of OWWA membership –  promotes and issues renewal of OWWA membership to OFWs to ensure their welfare and protection and enjoyment of OWWA benefits.

  7. Employment and Capacity Building Services – to enhance workers’ skills and empower them, the POLO conducts various skills/livelihood trainings for free as follows: Basic Computer Literary, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship Development Training, Skills-based training, values formation and personality development trainings, language training and livelihood training.  The POLO is likewise coordinating with communities and professional groups for the provision of trainings for professional enhancement of OFWs.

    • Training Schedule
  8. Conduct Post Arrival Orientation Seminar –  The POLO conduct PAOS to all newly arrived OFWs which focuses on Hong Kong culture; laws, rules and regulations on foreign domestic helpers;  possible issues and problems they may encounter with their employers;  how they can cope with their work and avoid conflict with their employer;  available services they may avail of, and authorized offices and agencies which they may ask/seek  for help assistance while in Hong Kong; and POLO HK programs and services.   Please see PAOS program. 
  9. Reintegration Program – POLO promotes DOLE reintegration program, and assist OFWs who are graduates/registered teachers, nurses and midwifery look for better job opportunities.

    • Sa Pinas Ikaw ang Ma’am/Sir Program